Here's the situation:

Your best friend's band has a show tonight, but you can't make it. Another friend tells you they'll take video of it, but you know what that means: you'll get a handful of 10-second video clips of the back of someone's head. You won't see a single song start-to-finish.

There will probably be 10 people shooting video of the show on their cell phones, but you don't know any of those people and the odds you will ever find any of their videos after the show are nil.

CameraFlock is the solution.

CameraFlock uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify the best quality video feeds from an event, cut between them like a live TV director would, and create a seamless TV-style broadcast for you to watch from home.

You don't need to "follow" anyone to find the broadcast. Just look for the event and CameraFlock will find the people with cameras in the right place. It's really that simple. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the event.